Family Support Services


The Colleton County Board of Disabilities and Special Needs (CCBDSN) operates a full spectrum program linking the individual participant’s needs with the most appropriate community resources. The participant’s case manager works together with the individual and their loved ones to identify and meet their special needs. This may include referrals to the Adult Activity Program, Vocational Technical Work Programs, Family Arranged Respite, and Residential Placement. The Case Manager may also advocate for the individual with other agencies.

The four special needs now served by CCBDSN often effect the individual consumers from birth to end of life. And, therefore, the lives of their loved ones, too.

  • People with Intellectual Disability
  • People with Autism
  • Survivors of Head & Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Other Related Disabilities

The Case Management staff assists participants and their loved ones to set and reach goals that will enable a full and productive life in their home communities. Our goal is to help each participant attain their highest level of independence using the most effective, cost-efficient resources available.

Family Support and Other Related Services

A variety of Family Support Services provide in-home support and respite to assist families who keep their loved ones at home. Intellectual disabilities, autism and the effects of head and spinal cord injuries are lifelong. Families and loved ones need to be aware and take advantage of all available State, County and Community resources designed to assist.

Many families struggling with the caregiving of a critical needs family member are not aware that CCBDSN offers such a wide range of services. We are dedicated to building more community awareness. Our professional Board, Executive Management Team and Staff stand ready to help and are qualified, dedicated individuals.

Cradle to Grave

Undoubtedly, you have heard Insurers speak of providing coverage from Cradle to Grave. Likewise, individuals that are evaluated and determined to be within our 4 categories of care…will be in need of these services for life. Thus, the services of CCBDSN are vital to the community and the enhancement of quality of life for our participants, their caregivers and families.

Our Services

Our Services are divided into 3 broad areas: Family Support and Other Related Services, Residential and Employment.

Family Support services go hand-in-hand with the potential for adult day employment placement services for the participant. Participants who find the dignity of employment and serving their community are happier and more productive family members, as well.

Family Support Funds

Provides support to families caring for people with lifelong disabilities and special needs in their homes.

Such assistance is intended to benefit families who would otherwise experience financial strain due to the cost of care. Please ask your Case Manager for information regarding your need for family support funds.

Home and Community Based Waiver

Provides funding for services that are available through the State Medicaid Plan and were once only accessible if the services were rendered in an institution or intermediate care facility. Changes in funding criteria now allow services to be delivered in the home or community, providing greater consumer choice and freeing up state revenue to be used for additional services.

These services are funded through specialized Medicaid Waivers. There can be waiting lists for the services of some specialized waivers. Your Case Manager can tell you how to get on these waiting lists.

For those individuals who are not Waiver participants, there is a small amount of state and local funds to help with a limited amount of respite, assistive technology, incontinence supplies or other items identified by the family as a need. You must have been found eligible for services and go through the application process for these funds.

Early Intervention

Early Intervention is a family-focused, in-home service to families with children who have intellectual disability or related disabilities ages birth to six years of age. The services are designed to meet the developmental needs of the child in the following areas: psychological development, language and speech development, physical development, and self-help skills.

Genetic Evaluation

Genetic evaluation, treatment and counseling services are available to families in which a disability has occurred and to families at risk of having a child with a disability or special need. Emphasis is on preventing disabilities, when possible.

Respite Care

Respite services provide temporary care to eligible individuals allowing families or caregivers to handle emergencies, personal situations or to take a break in caring for the individual. Respite may be provided in the individual/family home, a qualified caregiver’s home, regional center or other location.

Summer Services

Summer Services are for individuals who attend and participate in special services within the school system and who are DDSN eligible. This service assists in providing funding/stipends and promotes family involvement in planned recreational activities based on individual needs. Summer Services is intended to give families financial assistance and, if needed, staffing in order to attend summer camp.