Residential Adult Services


Our goal is to offer opportunities for people with lifelong disabilities to reach their full potential. All Adult Day employment programs are operated in the least restrictive environment and are licensed by the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs and/or the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, as well as, the Colleton County Board of Disabilities and Special Needs. Participants enjoy being a part of and contributing to their communities and feeling that they are valuable and important.

Examples of Employment
Local opportunities where participants earn both dignity and a paycheck:

Colleton Industries

The Colleton Industries Adult Day Program provides the support, assistance and supervision necessary to develop basic work and social skills. Training is provided in a sheltered environment conducive to the needs of the individual participant. Work contracts are established with local businesses that provide realistic training opportunities and earning potential.

Mobile Work Crews

Mobile Work crews are based from Colleton Industries, but are available to do a variety of services in the local community. Mobile Work Crews are supervised and have all the necessary equipment to complete jobs such as yard maintenance, litter control, housekeeping, vehicle cleaning, moving furniture, etc. Mobile Work Crew is an employment program that provides a short-term, readily available, on-site labor force to a business or individual at a competitive cost. All payroll and personnel matters are handled by CCBDSN.

Supported Employment:

Supported Employment services allow individuals to obtain competitive jobs in the community with the full support of a job coach. The job coach will assist with the application process, interviewing, on the job training and any follow along that is necessary.

Residential Care Services

CCBDSN adapts its services and support systems to fit the unique needs of each individual. The amount and range of services provided depends on the Client’s needs. Clients served either live in Walterboro and Colleton County’s community homes or in their own homes and are encouraged and supported in their vocational endeavors. Participants are enabled to make their own life choices each day.

Supported Living Program II

The SLP II Program provides services and support to adults whose skills and abilities affords them an opportunity to live semi-independently within the community. Clients receive formal training in meal preparation, money management and the development of social skills. In addition, the individuals are involved in vocational training of competitive employment.

Community Residential Care Facilities (CREF)

Provide 24-hour care and supervision of individuals in need of active treatment in a community setting. Single plans are developed to meet individualized needs and to determine prioritized training programs for each individual. The primary goal is to provide each individual with functional training and opportunities to acquire social and personal care skills that enhance their quality of life and promote greater independence.

Community Training Homes (CTHS II)

CTH II’s provide 24-hour care and supervision to individuals in a family-like residential setting. Individualized training and support is provided to foster the acquisition of daily living skills and to promote great independence. Individuals residing in a CTH II are involved in vocational training or some type of job setting.